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The '''Memphis Jug Band''' was an United States|American band (music)|musical group active from the mid-1920s through the late 1950s.Charters, Samuel. ''The Blues Makers'', Da Capo Press, part II page 25 (1991) - ISBN 0-306-80438-7 The band featured harmonica, kazoo, fiddle and mandolin or banjolin, backed by guitar, piano, washboard (musical instrument)|washboard, washtub bass and Jug (musical instrument)|jug. They played slow blues, pop songs, humorous songs and upbeat dance numbers with jazz and string band flavors. The band made the first commercial music recordings in Memphis, and recorded more sides than any other pre-war jug band.Dixon, Robert M.W., John Godrich and Howard Rye. "Blues & Gospel Records 1890-1943," 4th ed., page 611 (1997) - ISBN 978-0-19-816239-1 Beginning in 1926, various African American|African-American musicians in the Memphis, Tennessee, area...
Year1989| location = Cambridge, MA| isbn =0-631-18301-9| page = 45 }}
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